Lotte Løvholm at Malmö Konstmuseum

23 November 2019

The talk 'Museum of Care’ looks at a collection of Latvian works from Malmö Konstmuseum’s archive that has not been shown since 1958. The exhibition Migration: Traces in an Art Collection curated by Maria Lind & Cecilia Widenheim presents 18 out of 42 works from this collection selected by Lotte Løvholm. The talk give context to these selected works.

In 1939 Oscar Elmquist made a donation to the museum with the purpose of establishing a ‘Latvian collection’ at the museum where most of the works were collected. After the Second World War more works were added to the collection following an exhibition at the museum with Latvian artists in exile.

In the talk Lotte Løvholm uncovers how and why the acquisitions were made, the context of 1930's authoritarian Latvian regime and shares her own personal journey into researching the collection.

The talk will be in English.