SKITSE is hosting ART DRIVE - visiting artists in their studios.

ART DRIVE # 6 with Hannah Toticki

Tuesday, November 16, 4 - 7.45pm

ART DRIVE visits Hannah Toticki in her studio in Hvalsø. Her works often deal with work life and digital consumption and she is currently showing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit and Kunsten in Aalborg.

The tour bus leaves SKITSE at 4pm. On the bus Toticki will introduce her works in a talk moderated by Lotte Løvholm.

In the studio Kristine Stiberg will perform Toticki's work ‘Sacred Work

Karaoke - Performance’ and afterwards we will have the opportunity

to visit the studio, the many models and processes that are underway. At the studio we also meet studio manager Katja Fabrin and assistant Ida Brockmann.

Kl. 16-17.15: Departure from Skitse. Bus tour with introduction to Hannah Toticki's work moderated by Lotte Løvholm
Kl. 17.15-18.30: Visit to the studio with Sacred Work Karaoke - Performance.
Kl. 18.30-19.45: Bus trip back to SKITSE.

The event is supported by STATENS KUNSTFOND.