51Cth is an artist run association located in a large old industrial complex with common workspaces, private studios, and a professional bronze caster foundry. The space is dedicated to keeping the sculptural and contemporary art field thriving and evolving 



Day: Monday the 22nd of November

Time: 11 - 15

Adress: Industrivej 51c, 4000 Roskilde

We’re happy to invite you to a double artist talk session at our workshop in Trekroner. The first talk is with our current artist-in-residence, Canadian artist Vanessa Brown, who will give us a glimpse of what she has been working on during her six weeks long stay by opening her studio. The second talk is with Swedish artist Julia Bondesson, who currently has a solo show at Moderna Museet in Malmö.  Both conversations will be moderated by curator and editor Lotte Løvholm. Language spoken will be english.

Vanessa Brown works in sculpture and installation, primarily using steel. She is interested in challenging steel’s associations with industry and monument, by focusing on its subtler qualities such as its versatility and slightness. Her work explores ideas around craft, constructs of gender and labour, gestures of comfort, ideas of escape, and liminal spaces such as holes and dreams.

Julia Bondesson combines aesthetics with psychology in her works. Gently, they take possession of the room, like entities seemingly at rest. Bondesson explores the symbiosis between body and soul. Her inspirations include Chinese philosophy and embodied cognition, where development is furthered through active cooperation between the senses and the physical body. With performative works, the artist takes an animistic approach, blurring the boundary between object and subject. Bondesson refers to the performative action and her collaboration with the sculptures as a dance that gives rise to an intimate and emotional relationship between them. The sculptures become ambivalent characters – both objects and living beings – vessels travelling between the static and active states. And maybe the

permanence of the sculptures also reminds beholders of their own transience.1

Lotte Løvholm is an independent curator and editor based in Copenhagen. She holds a BA in Theatre Research, an MA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies and is a postgraduate of Konstfack’s CuratorLab. She is interested in collaborations and co-curtating in her practice as an independent curator, where she edits art books, writes articles, curates exhibitions, performance programs and seminars at the intersection of aesthetics and ethics.

51Cth is a newly formed artist run association dedicated to keeping the sculptural and contemporary art field thriving and evolving. 51Cth is located in a large old industrial complex with common workspaces and private studios. 51Cth consist of 14 independent artist and a professional bronze caster foundry (Broncestøberiet Peter Jensen ApS). 51Cth aims of becoming a facilitator for progressive work in a sculptural setting, where one has access to the required facilities as well as the professional expertise needed for using them. This takes place in a forum that supports and encourages professional artists to exchange their experience and knowledge with each other in a focused working environment as well as through group critiques, artist talks and similar activities. 

51Cth is supported by The Obel Family Foundation and The Islands of Denmarks’ Arts Foundation.

1 Text in relation to Julia Bondesson’s exhibition Cradle My Bones, currently on view at Moderna Museet Malmö.

Cover photo: Malou Solfjeld.