Performance 13 October 2018

Transistor at Warehouse9

Artists: Mio Nordentoft (@participatory.excitement) & Repro.

Curated by: Lotte Løvholm & Nina Cramer.


Copenhagen Techno is currently experiencing its first return since the 90's. The stage has grown around Fast Forward Productions' activist-driven safer space raves and is today a close environment of DJs, producers, party organizers and raves.


The scene has its own distinctive techno that attracts international attention in these years - the sound is maximal and just as hard and fast as it is melodic and emotional.


OUR OASIS OF ENERGY (PERPETUATE NON-INSTITUTIONAL CELEBRATION) is a tribute to the community of rave culture, where euphoric togetherness is a weapon against the fetishing of the individual by a nation state driven by growth and competition.


On the floor there is another form of work that falls outside the society's understanding of productivity, and as well as the music the dancing precaurious bodies are to be celebrated. 


The performance is a part of Transistor Meetings Festival where performance art from Malmö and Copenhagen come together with a number of works, talks, and workshops. The focus of the festival is experimental and critical performance art.


The festival is curated and produced by Storm Møller Madsen and Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, and co-curated by Nina Cramer and Lotte Løvholm. 


The festival takes place at Warehouse9; a small performance space and art gallery founded in April 2007 in the old slaughter district in Central Copenhagen. It is a space for contemporary art, music, poetry, and performance with a direct link to the international queer community.


The festival is founded in a collaboration with the professional performance art festival Transistor, Malmö and is funded by Statens Kunstfond - @kunstfond, #statenskunstfond, #kunstgørenforskel.