at Theatre FÅR302


Into the Dark takes as its starting point a scene from H.C. Andersen’s play The Mulatto (1840) in which one protagonist, Paléme, attempts to convince his acquaintance Horatio to participate in an imminent revolt against the plantocracy of colonial Martinique. Tensions rise as the two men negotiate their privileges within the colonial system and stakes in overturning it.


Through a poetic, fragmented series of scenes and soundscapes, Into the Dark unfolds an expansive legacy of Black anti-colonial resistance. Here we encounter, along with H.C. Andersen’s characters, labor revolt leader Queen Mary, Afrofuturist pioneer Sun Ra, renowned writer James Baldwin, founders of the Black Lives Matter movement among many others


With: Jeannette Ehlers, Camara Joof, Marie-Lydie Nokouda, Elisha Ngoma, Kevin K. Yuven, Marie Eugénie Niyonzima, Fabiola Uwimana, Jonathan Lutaaya, Borys Mugisha, Longing Umutoni, Amri de Maximo Nshimiyimana, Thierry de Maximo Muvandimwe, Salomon Nagui Salui, Raymond Igiraneza, Mohsen Nasiri, Iraj Mohamadi, Shakira Kasigwa Mukamusoni, Seif Nasa, Sun Ra, James Baldwin, Paul Gilroy, Akala & Jane Elliot


Concept, direction and scenography: Jeannette Ehlers


Dramaturgy: Nina Cramer & Lotte Løvholm


Production: Lotte Løvholm


Choreography: Justin F Kennedy


Lighting designer and operator: Martin Danielsen


Soundscapes: Lamin Fofana


Costumes: Dady De Maximo & Lise Klitten


Architect: Martin Spangs


Text: H. C. Andersen, Justin F. Kennedy & Tiphanie Yanique


translatioe "The Mulatto": Nina Sokol


Queen Mary kostume:


Assistant technician: Camilla Leth Jensen



Videographer: Nikolaj Recke


Editor: Jeannette Ehlers


Film Actors: Martin Bats Bradford & Josef Pons


Press Photos: Søren Meisner


Poster Photo: Casper Maare


Graphic Design: Søren Meisner / Rød Font


Theatre Worker: Karl Jes Jessen




Artistic Advice: Birgitte Prins and Charlotte E. Munksgaard


Business Manager: René Kruse


Production Manager: Mette Hornbek


Press Manager: Karina Lykkesborg


Sales- and Audience Development: Nanna Rohweder


Administrative Officer: Marie Aarup Jensen


Ticketing: Brian Larsen


Foyer responsible: Malene Kastalje


Foyer officer: Christina Lund, Amalie Aunsbjerg Jørgensen


Thanks to:  Ajeeb Prince, Anna Neye, Benjamin Solomon, Boyd Anthony McFarlane, Ethelene Whitmire, Ditte Marie Bjerg, Helle Stenum, Iben Hendel Phillipsen, Iris Bennett, Kim Jerome, Lesley-Ann Brown, Meike Bahnsen, Michael K. Wilson, Pernille Ipsen, Prince Amoabeng, Sayeeda Carter and Temi Odumosu


A special thanks to:  The Trampoline House & The Danish Art Council.

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Uncompromising, confrontative and witted.