Song of the Spheres




Curated and commisioned by Lotte Løvholm & Anne Kølbæk Iversen 


Supported by This Festival & Aarhus Kunsthal


Tabita Rezaire's work centers on colonial structures today and healing.  According to Tabita, the Internet is an oppressive force or “electronic colonialism” and “not the liberalising tool we’ve been sold”. With a particular interest for exploring the time-spaces where technology and spirituality intersect Rezaire looks into vibrations in outer space with the performance "Song of the Spheres". 


The performance explores the sonic landscapes of the celestial realms by taking the form of a lecture-listening-sky-observation. The work shares stories on sound in space from different perspectives, namely cosmological, scientific and yogic. Local astronomer Ole J. Knudsen from Aarhus University assists Tabita in the performance: guiding the audience through the vibrations and frequencies of stars and planets. 


The performance is part of Algorithm - a seminar and performance series on algoritmic culture hosted by Contempotemporary Condition at Aarhus University and Kunsthal Aarhus.